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Content Strategy Tips for Your Website

There are fewer things more effective for a business today than a good website. Most people get all the information they need to know about a business online. They might search for hours of operation or product and service offerings, and they’ll get a good idea about how your business is run by checking out your website. Content on your site should be unique, engaging, and keep users coming back for more. How do you go about doing that? These content strategy tips can help boost your site’s engagement, as well as the number of people who buy services or products from your business. All it takes is knowing what works and what does not.

Content Strategy for Your Website

The biggest element of a website is written content. Because online research of a business involves no face to face conversations, anything a website visitor learns about you is from your written content. It’s important to feature content that users want to read. Original, engaging content doesn’t always have to be in written form. Overall, your content strategy can be simple little fixes to help your business. Here are some tips to boost your website’s content.

Use Some Videos

Videos keep users engaged in a way that written content sometimes cannot. Many web pages that feature a video get visited more often. Videos make your website visitors feel like they are a part of an experience. Videos don’t have to be very long or all that complicated. It all comes down to offering different types of content. Trying a few videos on your website can make a big difference. Users respond well to different kinds of content online.

Website Blog

Sometimes, website content can feel stiff and far too informational. To combat this, try starting a blog on your website. Blogs can be more conversational and instead of simply featuring product or service information, you can build lists and articles that will teach your readers a bit about what you know. If you run a home improvement website, for example, think about writing blogs like “5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter.” These articles teach the visitor something and help make you a reputable resource for information, which can lead to more conversions and sales.

Update Your Website Often

Nothing hurts a website more than outdated content. Make sure everything on your site is up to date and timely. Let users know that you’re an active business with an active site ready to help them find what they’re looking for. This does take work, but it translates into great results.

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