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Keyword Research Tips for 2020

Updated: Feb 3

Keyword research is essential to hitting target audiences and specific groups who are most likely interested in your business, products, or services. It’s not as simple as choosing something like “tax services” in 2020 and finding the audience and web traffic you’re looking for. The world of SEO and keywords is far too large to be vague and nonspecific when targeting audiences online. For that reason, keyword research is crucial to maximizing your efforts on the internet. In 2020, keep an eye on these keyword research tips to help grow your reach in the digital world.

New Tactics for Keyword Research in 2020

Keyword research is going to be about inquiry-based keywords. Of course, a search like “tax services” is an inquiry, but something like “personal tax services near Fort Worth” is much more likely to bring meaningful results for your business. A great example of taking this one step further is brainstorming a keyword like “personal attorney” and taking it one step further. If someone wants to find a personal attorney, they likely have a legal need. Including that need in the keyword, like “personal attorney for injury” is going to generate more accurate results.

Continue This Keyword Research Tactic in 2020

There’s no reason that location-based keywords won’t continue to dominate the SEO world. As more and more people search using mobile devices, web inquiries are going to be inherently tied to location services. Searching for something like “coffee shops near me” is even more common now than combining a type of business with a specific city or region. Because of this, search engines will tie that inquiry with nearby businesses or services and you can make sure from this point that you take keywords about a location to an even further level. For example, phrases like “nearby,” “neighborhood,” and “community” are effective ties to location-based searches. They indicate a nearness that captures the heart of why someone would search for a business “near me” in the first place. Take the time to research some of the common ties to “near me” searches by typing in a few on your own phone. Find the sorts of things that come up first, and figure out what you might be missing in your business’ keywords.

What’s Changing in Keyword Research for 2020?

For a long time, there were two approaches to keywords: head terms and long tail keywords. Head terms were your short phrases like “shopping mall,” and long tail keywords were 4-6 words and phrases like “shopping mall with a food court.” For a long time, it was beneficial to master both sorts of keywords. A huge SEO change in 2020 is the need to emphasize long tail keywords and cut any consistent practices of head terms altogether. Long tail keywords are the future of SEO as more and more companies move to digital platforms. It’s easy for users to get lost in the endless results of a million and one search returns. Ensure your business is ready for 2020 by moving to long tail keywords that target the core of what your audience is going to be searching for.

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