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Mobile SEO Checklist

Mobile is the name of the game in digital marketing. While internet users still access the web via desktop and laptop, mobile internet browsing is now the most common way users connect to the web. For your company to be successful with the transition from desktop users to on-the-go web surfing, a comprehensive mobile SEO plan needs to be in place. To make the mobile world work for your business, follow this mobile SEO checklist.

Keys to a Successful Mobile SEO Plan

If you want to achieve great mobile SEO results, you need to make your content and website as mobile-friendly as possible. There are three key elements you need to consider: design, functionality, and creative content writing.

Mobile SEO Design - What Works for Users?

A mobile SEO plan needs to focus on design and user-friendly interfaces. On a mobile screen, everything you want users to see either needs to be visible or easy to access. Drop down menus are great for categories and sections of your web pages. They save space and distract visitors less than a long list of categories.

Functionality Must-Haves

It’s wonderful to be able to have a site that looks great on a mobile device, but is it functional? Mobile users are often on-the-go or using their mobile devices out of convenience. Both of these types of users are going to be looking for fast websites and minimal load times. This is often somewhat reliant on their internet speed, but on mobile, things are pretty quick. Because mobile users want speedy interfaces, don’t add things to your mobile site or content that is going to slow down their experience. Try to keep web page animations to a minimum, and be sure to keep images mobile-friendly.

Creative Content Writing

If you know a big part of your audience is mobile-based, be sure to keep content creative but succinct. A great mobile SEO strategy for written copy is to optimize meta descriptions and headers. Headers tell search engines what important topics are on your page. Likewise, meta descriptions give a brief overview of why a user might want to read what’s on your page. These are like hints for the search engine and users that your content is valuable and worth their time.

Mobile SEO is becoming the most important type of content strategy for digital marketing. We know the mobile trend isn’t going away, so the best course of action is to give mobile users the sleek designs, improved functionality, and creative content they desire.

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